Thank you for considering UConn First Summer for your summer plans.To participate in the program, students must go through the registration process by completing an application first. Please see details below.

Note: This is an optional program open to incoming freshmen and transfer students admitted to any of UConn’s five campuses. The program runs as an independent summer program and does not alter any aspect of your fall admissions status, including your admission campus or any scholarship/financial aid decisions. 

Before Applying

Before you apply to participate in UConn First Summer (FS), run through the checklist to be sure you understand the program expectations and goals:

  • Do you know what UConn FS is all about? Read our Mission and Vision for an in-depth look
  • Students participating in UConn FS must:
    • enroll in two UConn FS courses through the five-week program
    • sign-up for at least two workshops per week
    • participate in social programming (this is an optional opportunity for students looking to engage with peers)
  • Think about this serious opportunity. What you bring to the experience is what you already have: great academic preparation and an eagerness to get started at UConn. What we bring is great classes, resourceful workshops, the relaxed pace of summer, and many activities and events. Let us help connect the dots between your academic career and your greater UConn experience
  • Read through the FAQ's for any answers to questions you may have

Apply Now

Submit your application by June 10 by completing the online application.

Scholarship Details

The Provost’s First Summer Scholarship is a limited scholarship available for a few students. In order to be considered for the scholarship, it is important that you opt in to be considered on the application. If the scholarship decision impacts your ability to participate in the program, all students registered in the program have until June 30, 2021 to cancel program attendance and receive a refund of any paid fees (minus the $45 University enrollment fee).

Scholarship funds for First Summer are limited. This scholarship is not in any way tied to federal or other guaranteed financial aid awards during the regular academic year. We will unfortunately not be able to offer scholarships to all students with demonstrated need. Students who are offered a scholarship may be offered funds sufficient to cover all or only part of First Summer costs.

To be eligible, applicants must submit the program application by June 1, 2023 and must:

  • Demonstrate high financial need based on the financial aid application submitted to the University (your 2022-2023 FAFSA submission will be evaluated to determine eligibility)
  • Complete a personal essay (there will be a question in the application where the essay may be uploaded)

The personal essay must be a one-page, double-spaced narrative explaining your current academic goals, why you are interested in the First Summer program, and how you think this experience will enhance your undergraduate experience and have an impact on your future.

Scholarship decisions will be released by June 16, 2023.

Course Enrollment

After five to seven business days from submitting an application, students will receive an email notification when the application has been processed. The email notification will include information on how to complete your course enrollment to finalize your registration.

Steps to enroll:

Enrolling in the two courses signifies students have completed the registration process. Class registration results in automatic generation of a bill and obligates students to make full payment for the courses. The bill must be paid by the due date.  The due date can also be found in the email that you will receive from the Bursar’s Office.  If you enroll in courses after the due date, payment must be made within ten days. Please be aware that if unpaid, a $150 late fee will be assessed.

Get Ready

Before the start of the program, students will need to complete a couple of items. Check out the Student Checklist for more information.  As a new Husky we encourage to:
  • Monitor your email for important messages sent to you from the university. You should continuously check your personal and UConn email addresses
    • Information on how to sign up for workshops and social programming will be shared as the start of the program approaches
    • Students will also receive emails from the UConn FS Mentors that will be available to support and help through the program
  • Understand and complete all University requirements, in addition to meeting appropriate deadlines
  • UConn FS Students must adhere to the academic integrity policy set by the University of Connecticut. This includes UConn policies that have been created for academic misconduct, plagiarism, misrepresentation, falsification in research, and computer violations. For a complete policy listing, please visit the Division of Student Affairs Community Standards website
  • Seek assistance when needed by reaching out to us with any questions you may have