Transfer Students

What will First Summer offer me?

We know that as a transfer student you are already well-prepared for the unique style of university-level courses and that you are well-versed in the note-taking, study and other skills required to succeed at college. For you, UConn First Summer is less about getting to know college and more about getting to know UConn.

UConn First Summer offers you the opportunity to

  • Complete two courses toward your UConn degree
  • Enjoy the rich academic and personal experience offered by our workshops and social programming
  • Experience UConn’s excellent faculty
  • Try a class in a subject new to you, perhaps discovering a new academic interest or career path
  • Enjoy the uniquely rigorous and rewarding classroom environment in a small summer class
  • Honors students: jump right in to your honors requirements
  • Become familiar with UConn's resources and what the university has to offer
  • Make friends who'll be there as you start your first semester at UConn