Parents & Guardians

UConn First Summer is an exciting opportunity for your child to get a jump start on their college experience

It is that exciting time of year when high school seniors make decisions about where to attend college this fall. For those students who make the great decision to attend UConn, we wanted to make sure that you were aware there is a Summer program designed just for them called UConn First Summer. Entering its sixth year, UConn First Summer has given hundreds of new UConn students the chance to jump into their coursework early, have fun—and make great friends.

UConn First Summer is a program designed for any incoming UConn student. Unlike the well-known SSS program, which invites a select group of graduating seniors to attend UConn early, UConn First Summer is open to all students who have committed to attend any of UConn’s five campuses this fall*.

During the five weeks of UConn First Summer, students take two UConn General Education courses, participate in a range of fun and educational activities, and find many opportunities to establish lasting friendships. Students who have been through the program tell us UConn First Summer made all the difference when it came to feeling ready for fall semester. UConn First Summer gives students five, relaxed summer weeks to get to know the large Storrs campus, make connections with faculty in smaller summer courses, and establish friendships early. First Summer alums tell us they felt like they had a network of friends already in place when they started fall semester and that those friends are still very much a part of their day-to-day lives as UConn students one, two, and even three years later.

There is no formal financial aid for the program, but we are committed to offering several Provost’s UConn First Summer Scholarships each year, which we reserve for students with demonstrated high financial need. There is more information about costs, dates & deadlines, coursework, and more on the pages throughout this site.

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*Attending UConn First Summer will make no change to a student’s admission to a particular campus.