Honors First Summer

A Special Honors start to UConn!

Get a head start on your Honors courses as well as your general education requirements!  Honors students may be able to take a third course during UConn First Summer. See below for details.

There will also be additional fun activities to help you get established in the Honors community.  UConn Honors students work hard and play hard—why wait until fall?

Honors UConn First Summer Courses

Honors students participating in First Summer will experience the program as members of two communities: the First Summer community at large and the Honors First Summer community. Part of accomplishing this second, Honors community will be the creation of a shared academic experience. That shared academic experience comprises taking one common course for Honors credit and choosing a second course from among three choices, as follows:

  1. All Honors First Summer students will take as their first course HDFS 1060, a course that fulfills the University Honors Laureate Core course requirement. Dr. Kari Adamsons has designed this Honors course specifically with Honors students in mind. During First Summer, she will expand course activities to take advantage of this unique summer experience.  Honors students speak very highly of this Honors-only First Summer course.
    • Take away: for our past Honors First Summer students, this intensive, small class, taken alongside other incoming Honors students, has been one of the best parts of the First Summer experience!
  2. In addition to HDFS 1060, all Honors students will choose a second course from among the following pre-approved courses: ANTH 1000, ECON 1202, MUSI 1003, PHIL 1104, or SOCI 1501 (see descriptions below).


If you would like more detailed information on academic and other requirements for UConn Honors students, visit the Admitted First Years page at the Honors website.

Course 1: Close Relationships Across the Lifespan (HDFS 1060)

Human Development & Family Studies (HDFS) 1060 – Close Relationships Across the Lifespan (3 Honors credits).  This Honors course will fulfill the Honors Core requirement for University Honors Laureate as well as a Content Area 2 (CA 2) general education requirement.

In this course, we will use both a textbook and primary research articles to explore theory and research on topics in the close relationship literature including attraction, relationship development & maintenance, friendship & social support, love, sexuality, intimacy, communication, conflict, dissolution & divorce, loneliness, and bereavement.

As an Honors Core course, this course takes an interdisciplinary approach to the study of close relationships across the lifespan.  We will be reviewing research from the fields of human development & family studies (itself an interdisciplinary field), communication sciences, developmental psychology, sociology, neuropsychology, and marriage & family therapy, among others. Classes will consist primarily of discussion, small group activities, and in-class assignments to provide opportunities to apply the material being learned, and will also include videos and guest speakers.

Appropriate for all majors.


Course 2: Pick From the Following UConn First Summer Courses

MUSI 1003 – Popular Music and Diversity in American Society (3 credits). An introduction to popular music and diversity in America: jazz, blues, Top-40 pop, rock, hip-hop and other genres. Musicians and their music studied in the context of twentieth-century and contemporary American society, emphasizing issues of race, gender, class, and resistance. No prior musical training or knowledge required. CA 1. CA 4.  

Appropriate for any major.

ANTH 1000 – Other People's Worlds (3 credits).  A survey of the development, contributions, and contemporary social problems of selected non-Euroamerican peoples and cultures.  CA 2. CA 4-INT.

Appropriate for any major. Useful for Business & pre-Pharmacy students and any student pursuing a major with many specific requirements, as it fulfills two General Education requirements at once!

ECON 1202 – Macroeconomics (3 credits). The organization and function of the economic system as a total unit. Economic decisions, institutions, and policies that determine levels and rates of growth of production, employment, and prices. Topical subjects (e.g., government budget deficits and current interest-rate policy). CA 2.

Appropriate for most majors except pre-Pharmacy.  Especially useful to Business & pre-Sport Management students. Note that an Honors ECON 1202 will be offered in both the fall and spring semesters.

PHIL 1104 – Philosophy and Social Ethics (3 credits). Topics may include the nature of the good life, the relation between social morality and individual rights, and practical moral dilemmas. CA 1.

Appropriate for any major. (Especially useful to Business, Engineering, & Nursing students).

SOCI 1501 – Race, Class, and Gender (3 credits). Race, class, and gender, as they structure identities, opportunities, and social outcomes. CA 2 CA4.

Appropriate for any major. Useful to Pre-Pharmacy, Business and Pre-Sports Management students & and to any student pursuing a major with many specific requirements, as it fulfills two General Education requirements at once!